Royal Selangor

V&A Bottle Chiller


The mesmerising motif on this beautifully proportioned bottle chiller may well distract, albeit momentarily, from that Sancerre chilling within. Removing the injection moulded liner, which traps an insulating layer of air to keep your bottle chilled, aids cleaning and turns the pewter shell into a vase. Fits a standard 750mL bottle. 

This geometric, linear pattern its a reference to a rug by the celebrated textile designer, Marion Dorn (1899 - 1964). The fluid concentric curves are typical of the bold luxury the Art Deco Movement, one of age most glamorous and popular of all artistic styles, and translate beautifully onto this pewter product.

Founded in 1885, Royal Selangor is the world’s foremost name in quality pewter, representing the finest in materials and contemporary design.

Predominantly an alloy of refined tin, modern pewter is completely lead-free and perfectly food-safe.

Pewter needs no polishing; a warm soapy each and thorough drying maintains its beauty and imparts the subtle patina so unique to the metal.