Swan Male - Partial Gilt


Dimensions: L 68cm x H 38.25cm

Throughout history, craftsmen and artists have sought to emulate nature. Leonardo da Vinci’s ever questioning mind tried to analyse and then illustrate the mystery of rain, wind and clouds. The Dutch Masters endeavoured to illustrate flowers and fruits to capture “reality”.

 No less an achievement is Comyns Sterling Silver Swan, taking 2 master craftsmen six months to make. More than 50 separate pieces of silver are chased, curved and contoured with thousands of hammer blows, so that each feather is individually sculptured and the graceful posture of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures is sensitively interpreted.

Originally commissioned by Asprey of London, there have been sixteen swans made by Comyns craftsmen, and now the most recent number is 17, and regarded by everyone concerned to be the most beautiful so far. It is certainly the heaviest and weighs 469 troy oz including the 23-carat gilding and the internal dish.

The list of owners of previous Swan reads like a “who’s who” of wealth status and discriminating taste. Many clients have decided that one is not enough and have opted for a second swan in the feminine preening posture, with the elegant neck curving sensually around to pluck out a feather. The whole exquisite ensemble can then be placed on a mirror to complete the picture of calm and serenity, as they appear to be gliding effortlessly through water.

The names of all our clients is confidential but our records show that there are 2 swans in the UK, 4 in the USA, 1 in Hong Kong, 5 in the Middle East, 2 in Brunei and 2 in Malaysia. Wherever our most recent creation goes, we are confident that it will grace any table, whether used as a centrepiece for displaying flowers or as an exotic serving dish for food. It will be considered by everyone fortunate enough to see it as a “master piece” an enchanting heirloom and a much sought after antique of the future.

This is a special order item so you will contacted regarding delivery.

Made of sterling silver and crafted by Comyns artisans through traditional English methods of silversmithing, every creation of Comyns carries four hallmarks to certify its quality; the William Comyns hallmark, the purity of silver content, the assay office mark and the date letter or year of assay.