Fudomyo-O Wallpaper


Fudo Myoo is the transformed form of Dainichi Nyorai, the supreme Buddha of Shingon Esoteric in Buddhism. Fudo Myo-o shows an indignant face in order to remove the vagaries of our mind and save all people. In Fudo Myo-o’s right hand, holds a sword called Riken to cut off all doubts of the mind. In Fudo Myo-o’s left hand, holds a snare rope called Kensaku to guide the things in the right direction. The large rock called Banjaku, on which Fudo sits, represents the firmness of his mind. On Fudo Myo-o’s back, carrying a flame called Karura En that burns away any bad things.

Dimensions: 330 x 194.8 cm, 6.43 m²

Please allow up to 14 working days for dispatch.