Royal Selangor

Captain Phasma Figurine


A limited-edition of 5,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide. Phasma’s reflective armour and imposing stature distinguish the cold-blooded Captain from the rank and file of the First Order she commands. Details, including Phasma’s blaster rifle, holster and requisite utility belt, are recreated in brightly polished pewter, in marked contrast to the almost rustic weave of the First Order command cape she wears over one shoulder.

Royal Selangor collaborates with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia for a collection to commemorate Star Wars, one of the most successful movie franchises of all time and a worldwide popular culture phenomenon.

Founded in 1885, Royal Selangor is the world’s foremost name in quality pewter, representing the finest in materials and contemporary design.

Predominantly an alloy of refined tin, modern pewter is completely lead-free and perfectly food-safe.

Pewter needs no polishing; a warm soapy each and thorough drying maintains its beauty and imparts the subtle patina so unique to the metal.